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OSPN is a growing, volunteer-run network! If you would like to get involved with planning, fundraising, advocacy, training or programming, let us know. What are you interested in? What skills and experience can you bring to help your community?

Many OSPN members have said that committee work and meetings are not how they want to spend their retirement. We understand! Maybe you would enjoy being part of a short-term task team? These teams look at specific questions or needs in the LGBTQ2+ community.

If you have good strategic planning skills and meetings are fine with you — our Coordinating Committee wants to expand with new members with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

There’s always a need for volunteers when we hold events — this can be just a few hours of your time, or more.

OSPN and The Good Companions have launched Saturday in-person social time at the Centre, twice a month. Watch Facebook and your email for news. Do you play a musical instrument and want to find people to jam with? Can you teach others about a topic you enjoy? Bring your talents, hobbies and crafts to share with other LGBTQ2+ seniors.

Send us an email: to say what you might add to any of the above activities. We’ll get the right person to follow up with you.

Our Partnership with the Good Companions Senior Centre

OSPN, in partnership The Good Companions Senior Centre (TGC), worked together establish the first LGBTQ2+ Program Coordinator for Ottawa’s seniors.

Stephane Gauthier joined the team at TGC as the Program Coordinator in 2022. Funding has recently been extended for five years for the position. Thank you City of Ottawa for recognizing the importance of this role and our partnership with TGC!

TGC has made many positive steps over the years to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Ottawa’s Senior LGBTQ2+ population. Stephane works with members of OSPN and other queer seniors to find available services at the Centre or in the community.

A message from LBGTQ2+ Program Coordinator

Hello Everyone,

My name is Stephane Gauthier, my pronouns are he/him and I am the new LGBTQ2+ Coordinator at The Good Companions. I have worked closely with seniors for the last 10 years of my career, primarily around dementia care as a therapeutic support counsellor. I have always been an advocate for the LGBTQ2+ Community (that I am a part of) and I am both proud and honored to continue to do so on a professional level.

The senior LGBTQ2+ community is deserving of gratitude and appreciation for all of the trailblazing they have done over the years. I see a big part of this role as a way of giving back and saying thank you, to validate the struggles they have endured, to honor their courage and celebrate their spirits!

I am truly appreciative of the opportunity that was given to me by The Good Companions and Ottawa Senior Pride Network to give back to the community that has directly and indirectly changed my life for the better.

I look forward to working hard on your behalf and celebrate the beautiful diversity that is the LGBTQ2+ 55+ community.

Stephane’s email address is Send him an email or call him at the Centre 613-236-0428 extension 2353.