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There are different ways you can keep connected to OSPN.

  1. Facebook is a great start
  2. You can be added to our mailing list
  3. You can also email us to share information, ask questions, or connect with the Coordinating Committee


OSPN is a growing, volunteer-run network! If you would like to get involved with planning, fundraising, advocacy, training or programming, let us know. What are you interested in? What skills and experience can you bring to help your community?

Many OSPN members have said that committee work and meetings are not how they want to spend their retirement. We understand! Maybe you would enjoy being part of a short-term task team? These teams look at specific questions or needs in the LGBTQ2+ community.

If you have good strategic planning skills and meetings are fine with you — our Coordinating Committee wants to expand with new members with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

There’s always a need for volunteers when we hold events — this can be just a few hours of your time, or more.

OSPN and The Good Companions have launched Saturday in-person social time at the Centre, twice a month. Watch Facebook and your email for news. Do you play a musical instrument and want to find people to jam with? Can you teach others about a topic you enjoy? Bring your talents, hobbies and crafts to share with other LGBTQ2+ seniors.

Send us an email: to say what you might add to any of the above activities. We’ll get the right person to follow up with you.

Our Partnership with the Good Companions Senior Centre

OSPN, in partnership The Good Companions Senior Centre (TGC), worked together establish the first LGBTQ2+ Program Coordinator for Ottawa’s seniors.

Amanda Kristalovich joined the team at TGC as the Program Coordinator early in 2021. Funding has recently been extended for five years for the position. Thank you City of Ottawa for recognizing the importance of this role and our partnership with TGC!

TGC has made many positive steps over the years to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Ottawa’s Senior LGBTQ2+ population. Amanda works with members of OSPN and other queer seniors to find available services at the Centre or in the community.

A message from LBGTQ2+ Program Coordinator

Hi, I’m Amanda (she/her)!

I have the privilege of working at The Good Companions Senior’s Centre in partnership with Ottawa Senior Pride Network (OSPN) as a LGBTQ2+ Program Coordinator. This means I plan and run programs for LGBTQ2+ seniors in Ottawa, work on OSPN projects such as the education services as well as provide support and referrals to different services.

You may want to get in contact with me if:

  • You are an LGBTQ2+ senior who would appreciate having support or finding out information about programs. I can connect you to programs and services that support you!
  • You are interested in learning about OSPN education services
  • You would like to collaborate or volunteer

Some of the programs I run are:

  • Saturday In-person Programming: The Good Companions is open two Saturdays per month specifically for LGBTQ2+ seniors and adults with disabilities. On Saturdays there are recreational, educational and social activities such as yoga, artist presentations, table tennis, crafts, discussions facilitated by Ottawa Senior Pride Network and much more! An advisory committee of OSPN meets with me regularly to provide me with ideas and feedback about the Saturday programming.
  • The Rainbow Coffee Club: First Wednesday of every month 10:00 – 11:30. The Rainbow Coffee Club is a group for LGBTQ2+ seniors or adults with disabilities living in the Champlain Region. The group provides an opportunity for older LGBTQ2+ individuals to get together to socialize and make connections in a respectful, inclusive environment. It is a safer space to share the challenges and joys of being older and LGBTQ2+ and to increase awareness of community and health resources. Provided in partnership with Centretown Community Health Centre.
  • The Well-being Check-in Program: This program provides check-ins from LGBTQ2+ volunteers to LGBTQ2+ seniors. Volunteers contact seniors on week days, via phone or social media to check on well-being and provide a predetermined response if the call is not answered.

Amanda’s email address is, Send her an email or call her at the Centre 613-236-0428 extension 2353.