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Together Thursday
Feel Good Friday
All of us at OPSN hope you’ve been enjoying our online programming events during the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on how we’re doing, what we’re doing well, and what new things we could be considering. Please email us at with any ideas, suggestions or concerns.

Mon, Sep 21 at 6:30pm
‘Stonewall’ (1995)

Mon, Sep 28 at 6:30pm
‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’

Join us online at Kast for our special screenings each Monday evening. Use this link to enter our exclusive movie screening room 15-20 minutes before screening time.

Thanks to New Horizons and United Way for funding that makes our online programming events possible.

Mon, Sep 28 at 6:30pm
5-pin Bowling with OSPN

The West Park Lanes bowling alley at 1205 Wellington Street West has reopened with COVID19 protocols in place. Everyone is welcome to join us for a fun evening of bowling. We play two games. The cost is $7.00, including shoe rental. It’s quite informal. You don’t have to join a team, just show up at West Park Lanes, however, please note that the doors to the alley are locked and you will need to follow the instructions below to enter:
  1. If you wish to eat before bowing, you can grab a bite at Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub. Fil’s Diner nearby closes at 3 pm.
  2. Please come to the lanes early—at least 6:15 or a bit earlier—to ensure you can join us.
  3. Proceed to the Daniel O’Connell’s Irish Pub entrance from the patio side. Nicole or another staff member will help you to get to our lanes.
  4. Upon entry to the pub, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, wear a mask and sign in for contact tracing.
  5. Once you get to our alley you can remove the mask if you wish. George, the event organizer, will ask everyone who is bowling that evening if everyone is comfortable with that. If not, we will continue to wear masks as we bowl.
  6. Anytime you leave our alley, you must put your mask back on.
  7. The alley has added some extra cleaning protocol throughout the day (door handles, bathrooms etc.). We recommend that after every frame of bowling you sanitize your hands.

Thu, Oct 01 at 7pm
Baby Zoomers Coffee Club

We’re back! Take a break with hosts George Hartsgrove and Lyse Cloutier and have a sip of coffee (or tea) with your 2SLGBTQ+ friends to chat about topics of interest to you and learn more about resources near you and other on-line programs offered by OSPN. We are meeting online bi-weekly for the summer months and hope to see you take part. All 50+ queer seniors welcome! Enter the Zoom chat room here 5-10 minutes before we start. (Meeting password: 710912)

Thanks to New Horizons and United Way for funding that makes our online programming events possible.

Fri, Sep 25 at 10am
Meditation: Letting Go, Resting, Doing Nothing

Fri, Oct 02 at 10am
NEW SERIES – Meditation: Gratitude

We are excited to announce that our popular meditation series is back for another 6-week interval. Join instructor Thubten Samten Chödrön on Fridays at 10am starting August 21.

Join us on Zoom in our special meditation room (Meeting password: 063527) a few minutes before 10am.

These six weeks are about ‘letting go’, as a practice and as a refuge. Each session will be an invitation to stop searching, striving, struggling, resisting, hoping, avoiding, planning, worrying, etc and to rest in the « timeless moment we call ‘now' ». When was the last time you really rested?

Each week, Samten will provide instruction in sitting, standing or reclining meditation and you will be invited to let go of expectation and effort, and rest deeply in your own wisdom/compassion essence. Each session will include guidance as well as time to relax into the moment, just as it is, just as you are. During the last 15 minutes, there will be time for questions and reflections before concluding the hour.

When we let go of everything we see that the space we wanted to create is already there. In the same way, inner contentment is already there and that is true happiness. There is no enlightenment other than that. —Anam Thubten (2009) No Self No Problem.

Your instructor: Thubten Samten Chödrön (Nyingje Gloria Norgang, PhD). Samten learned to meditate as a teenager and it was so powerful for her that she wanted everyone to experience its benefits. She introduced it to young children with whom she worked, then with women in prison and has continued to share it in every work situation she has entered. She has been teaching meditation in various forms for more than 40 years now and looks forward to meditating with you.

Thanks to New Horizons and United Way for funding that makes our online programming events possible.