Vital Services/Info during the COVID-19 Epeidemic

How to Prepare for the COVID-19 Pandemic (Ottawa Public Health)

A Friendly Voice

(613) 692-9992 or toll-free outside of Ottawa at 1 (855) 892-9992

What A Friendly Voice is:

  • A Friendly Voice is a telephone friendly visiting line for seniors.
  • Every day of the year, our trained volunteers are available to receive calls. Our volunteers visit with the callers and, when asked, can help identify programs and services in their community for the senior to contact.

What A Friendly Voice is not:

  • A Friendly Voice is not a counselling service, distress or crisis line nor emergency service. Any calls of that nature will result in immediate contact or referral to the appropriate responders, agency or service.
  • A Friendly Voice is not a referral service.