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[Re]Building Community Panel Discussion

Thursday, August 22, 7-9pm

Ottawa City Hall, Champlain Room

What does ‘community’ mean in a digital age for Ottawa queers today? Let’s talk about current/emerging issues threatening our community, from isolation and loneliness to the rise in far-right politics.

Join us in person or watch and participate through our live stream of the discussion with speakers from the early years of activism and queer youth of today. We’ll facilitate a discussion on what issues of importance our community faces now, and what we can learn from the advocacy work of past activists.

Topics may include, for example: virtual vs. ‘in real life’ safe spaces; mental and physical health and well-being; meeting new friends, partners or allies; intersectional issues such as women’s and trans rights; emerging threats of far-right politics; PoC and concerns with armed police presence in Pride; motivating and mobilizing voting, protesting and political action; closing of bars and other cultural safe spaces and what we lose as a community; what do new generations want in regards to [re]building community, if anything, etc.

The event will be open to the queer community and their allies, including youth, seniors and under-represented/marginalized members of our community such as queer PoC, lesbians, trans persons, queer people of faith, etc. We aim to provide a space for people to raise issues but also to listen to other perspectives in a safe, respectful and welcoming manner. Disrespectful behaviour and/or dialogue will not be tolerated.

Stay tuned as we announce our list of panelists. Discussion in English with some French, if possible.

Organized by the Just/Act committee of Ottawa Senior Pride Network. Thanks to Capital Pride for funding this discussion.

LGBT Seniors Bowling

Are you looking for a fun evening of five-pin bowling with other LGBT Seniors?  If so, come on out to West Park Bowling, 1205 Wellington Street, on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

The gang meets at 6:30 p.m. for two or three games at the seniors’ special rate of $3.50 per game!  Bowling shoes are provided free of charge if you don’t have your own.  For more information, call George at 613-263-0609 or send him an email at georgeis@rogers.com.


Check back when we announce the date of our upcoming Vintage Queers dance.